Agile Adoption Pitfalls – PART 3, Agile Burnout Death Spiral

In many ways this pitfall is the easiest one to spot, and the hardest one to stop – because of the momentum that builds up with it. The Agile Burnout Death Spiral is akin, and closely related to what Ed Yourdon described in his classic, and still highly relevant book, “Death March”. Also relevant to this [...]

Agile Adoption Pitfalls – PART 2, Lack of Organizational Alignment

PART 1 covered Methodology Fatigue, today in PART 2 we are talking about the Lack of Organizational Realignment. What does that mean? Why do you have to realign the organization to become more Agile? And what do you have to realign? There are really four (4) main areas that require serious cross-functional and cross-departmental review when [...]

Agile Adoption Pitfalls – PART 1, Methodology Fatigue

This article is the first in a multi-part series that show common Agile Adoption Pitfalls and how to avoid them. Over the last decade Agile and Scrum development frameworks have emerged as the de facto development methodologies. This is true not just within the software development industry but in many diverse industries, from biotech to manufacturing. [...]

How Using Agile / Scrum Solves All Your Problems – NOT!

Software development blogs and the internet are abuzz about Agile / Scrum and other agile variations of the SDLC. Vendors of all colors and sizes are hyping Agile methodologies as the way to better and faster software delivery. We know we have arrived at a place of complete buzzword penetration when industry representatives other than Silicon [...]

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Quick & Dirty Guide to Writing Good User Stories

User stories serve one main purpose: To encourage conversation and discussion about the user story. By design, user stories are supposed to be simple and short descriptions of features to be developed; written from the end user’s perspective, in the end user’s language.   This is important to remember. User stories facilitate conversation and discussion in order [...]

The Persistent Myth of Multitasking and Why Multitasking Does Not Work

Many job applicants proudly proclaim to be “excellent at multitasking”. Interviewers look applicants in the eye and ask with a straight face “How good are your multitasking skills?” as if to gauge if you unlocked the secret sauce to productivity. Your boss might bore you with multitasking tales of years past when he/she “worked three jobs [...]

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Can Leadership be Taught?

Ballroom dancing… martial arts… playing the piano… riding a bike… learning a language… leadership… We can all read about dance steps, perfect Karate techniques, how to keep our fingers flexible and keep a rhythm, how to balance when riding a bike and turning right or left (let alone stop!), about sentence structures and conjugation, about how [...]

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