Paroxys provides Agile Transformation Expertise, Agile Training, Agile Assessment, and Program Management Services at the Intersection of Software, Predictive Analytics, and Data Science. We help you improve your software development process, your quality, and your software development team with one goal in mind: Making your software work better for you and your customers.

Our principle consultant, Brian Will, is passionately committed to helping companies make the transition to Agile / Scrum and increased team productivity.

His past professional focus has been primarily on commercial software development within the Enterprise / Big Data / Predictive Analytics / Machine Learning space, as well as Mobile App Development on iOS and Android.

Select commercial software products and systems Brian helped bring to market:

  • IBM AIX / Locus Transparent Computing Facility, Locus Computing Corporation
  • Norton Antivirus, Symantec
  • FAS for Windows, Best Programs
  • Smalltalk/V, Digitalk
  • VisualStudio, Digitalk
  • VisualWorks, ParcPlace
  • Blackboard Learn, Blackboard
  • North American Dealer Portal, for a major international automotive manufacturer
  • Warranty System, for a major international automotive manufacturer
  • Large-scale Enterprise Integration Projects, tying together internet, mainframe, UNIX, and cloud solutions
  • UltraMate, Repair Shop Solution, Mitchell International
  • Falcon Fraud Manager, FICO
  • Various predictive analytics application in the financial industry
  • Various iOS / Android apps

Brian’s background is rooted in the operating system (AIX) and the object-oriented technology community. He started as a software engineer porting old proprietary COBOL code to modern UNIX and C architectures, led quality assurance teams for UNIX kernel development efforts (LOCUS Computing’s implementation of AIX) and managed several functional quality and test organizations for Smalltalk compiler teams (ENFIN, Digitalk VisualStudio, and ParcPlace/Digitalk’s VisualWorks). Based on his early exposure to agile thinking within the Smalltalk community, Brian was an early adopter of agile practices, including the early application of Kent Beck’s now famous Smalltalk unit testing framework during the VisualStudio and VisualWorks development cycles – which is now known as the xUnit framework supporting a multitude of programming languages.

During the course of his career, Brian has held many roles, including successful stints as a Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and member of development teams. In addition, he has held numerous functional management roles: VP of Professional Services, Senior Program Manager, Director of Quality Assurance, and Director of Quality Engineering. Brian was also part of an early adopter team implementing real-time predictive analytics for credit and debit card fraud detection. His multifaceted background gives Brian the ability to understand (and explain) Agile / Scrum and its implications equally well from multiple perspectives: from the development team to the executive board.