About Paroxys

Paroxys delivers independent and objective quality perspectives and insights about your software development effort. We help you improve your software development process, your quality, and your software development team with one goal in mind: Making your software work better.

Our principle consultant, Brian Will, is passionately committed to helping companies make their software work better.

At the tender age of 8, Brian broke one of his toys a mere 5 seconds after unwrapping the present and promptly broke out in tears – hence a lifelong obsession with quality and process improvement was born.

He has been relentless in his pursuit of improving software quality, one blue screen and one system outage at a time. Brian’s extensive business operations experience in software development, quality assurance, as well as program and project management has allowed him to gain deep know-how he now shares with his customers.

Allow Brian to share his wealth of knowledge and build on his expertise so you can make your software work better.

Select commercial software products and systems Brian helped bring to market:

  • IBM AIX / Locus Transparent Computing Facility
  • Norton Antivirus, Symantec
  • FAS for Windows, Best Programs
  • VisualWorks, ParcPlace
  • Smalltalk/V, Digitalk
  • VisualStudio, Digitalk
  • Blackboard Learn, Blackboard
  • North American Dealer Portal, for a major international automotive manufacturer
  • Warranty System, for a major international automotive manufacturer
  • Ultramate, Repair Shop Solution, Mitchell International
  • Falcon Fraud Manager, FICO